US media: Many people ask for help from Trump in the face of the riots but are busy watching live broadcasts

Original title: US media: Faced with many people asking for help in the riots, Trump is busy watching the live broadcast

(Text/Observer Network Liu Chenghui) On January 6, the U.S. Capitol “fallen”.

During the six hours of the riots, many people tried to contact Trump and ask him to calm the situation. But because of contacting Trump himself to no avail, many people called people close to him: House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy called Trump’s son-in-law Kushner, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called Called Trump’s daughter Ivanka, and former White House senior adviser Kylian Conway contacted an aide near Trump.

And what is Trump doing? ——He is sitting in the West Wing of the White House, so busy watching live television broadcasts of Congressional riots that he has no time to answer these requests.

“It’s hard to get close to him, do you know why? Because it was live TV. If it was video, he just needs to press pause and answer the call. But it’s live, he just watched it all go on.” Trump’s side Said a consultant.

The Washington Post relentlessly stated that in those 6 hours, he had witnessed a “paralyzed” president. He was only a “passive spectator”, not a “resolute leader” who failed to fulfill the president. Basic responsibilities.

“Washington Post”: Trump failed to act after seeing the mob attacking Congress

Screenshot of the Washington Post reportScreenshot of the Washington Post report

On the 12th, based on interviews with 15 Trump advisers, members of Congress, Republican officials, and other Trump close friends, the Washington Post published a report that restored what Trump did on the day of the riot, and many other things. detail. Faced with the appeals of many lawmakers and former allies, Trump turned a blind eye. Under pressure from many parties, Trump was finally forced to “persuade” the protesters.

“It took him a while to realize the seriousness of the situation.” Graham said in an interview with the media that in the six hours that Congress was impacted, Trump was just a “passive audience”, not a The “resolute leader” failed to perform the basic duties of the president. He sees the supporters of Congress as allies in his presidential career because they agree with his argument of “election fraud.”

Republican Senator Graham Source: WikipediaRepublican Senator Graham Source: Wikipedia

When the riots occurred that day, Trump’s daughter Ivanka went to Trump’s White House Oval Office. Graham tried to contact Ivanka via cell phone, begging Ivanka to urge his father to “dissuade” the protesters who had stormed Congress.

“They (Trump’s aides) want Trump to speak out and persuade the protesters to leave Congress.” Graham said.

House of Representatives Republican Leader McCarthy Source: Surging Video PlatformHouse of Representatives Republican Leader McCarthy Source: Surging Video Platform

Like Graham, former White House adviser Conway immediately called a personal assistant next to Trump after the riot. Conway said on the phone that he needed Trump to order his supporters to leave Congress. Conway also said that she has received a call from the office of the mayor of Washington, DC, asking Trump to immediately call the National Guard to calm the situation.

In contrast, McCarthy, the leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, had better luck. He managed to talk to Trump. But then McCarthy said,Although he described the situation over and over again, emphasizing how terrible the situation was, he found that Trump was distracted during the call and did not notice the seriousness of the situation.

After talking to Trump and frustrated, McCarthy also called Trump’s son-in-law Kushner. Kushner had just returned from the Middle East that afternoon, and the US Secret Service had told Kushner not to go to the city center on the grounds of safety. On the phone, McCarthy asked Kushner to persuade Trump to make a statement to let his supporters leave the Capitol.

Former White House consultant Conway Source: The PaperFormer White House consultant Conway Source: The Paper

In fact, it was not just the above three who called Trump for help on the day of the riots.White House aides have received calls from many members of Congress, requesting Trump to end the riots.These lawmakers said that they have always been loyal supporters of Trump and are even willing to vote against the electoral college vote, but the riots made them worry about their lives.

Outside of Congress, there are also calls to the White House asking Trump for help.

Two hours after the riots, the former governor of New Jersey and Republican Chris Christie said in an interview with the ABCIn the past 25 minutes, he tried to contact Trump directly to deliver a simple but urgent message, but was unsuccessful.

“The president caused this protest. He is the only one who can stop it,” Christie said. “The president must stand up and tell his supporters to leave Congress and allow Congress to handle their affairs peacefully, otherwise it would be his negligence. “Christie said.

However, compared to Trump, who is “no oil and salt,” Vice President Pence, who is also in the Capitol, answered the call from the congressional leader. Pence communicated with military leaders at a secret location in the Capitol and said that he would try his best to mobilize soldiers to reassure members of Congress.

The report said that even Pence did not receive Trump’s attention. Mark Short, Pence’s chief of staff, revealed that Trump never called Pence during the riots to ask about him or his family. Nevertheless, Short informed the White House that Pence and his party are all well.

Demonstrators shocked Congress during the riots Source: Surging VideoDemonstrators shocked Congress during the riots Source: Surging Video

In fact, Trump was not only obsessed with watching live TV on that day.

CNN broke the news on the 9th that Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Rudy Giuliani) were still busy calling trustees to delay election certification, and even made mistakes in their busy schedule, and even called the wrong person. .

According to a spokesperson for U.S. Republican Senator Mike Lee, Trump and Giuliani had mistakenly called Lee on the day of the Congressional riots, and what they were actually looking for was the newly elected state of Alabama. Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville (Tommy Tuberville). They tried to get Dubwell to delay the congressional certification of the election results.

The Washington Post commented to Trump, “This president, who vowed to uphold law and order, failed to restore order in accordance with the law. When the congressional police were at a disadvantage in numbers, he sat idly by. This A person who longed for the power of the president for a long time finally gave up many responsibilities as president.”

In any case, Congress finally confirmed the result of Biden’s victory. Trump’s final “stubbornness” failed to “turn the tide” and even triggered impeachment against himself. The tearing of American politics and even American society caused by this riot is far from being able to end Biden’s taking office.

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