US media: Senator Tebreville decides to challenge the Electoral College but does not want to make it public | January 6 | Congress | Elected Senator

[NTD News December 30, 2020 Beijing time]A conservative American media recently quoted a source to confirm that the elected Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is expected to join the Congress on January 6. At the meeting, challenge the results of the electoral college voting. But he also emphasized that he does not intend to publicly announce the matter.

U.S. news site National File last week quoted a source in direct contact with President Trump’s legal team as confirming that Tebreville has made a final decision on this issue and will Joined the state representative Mo Brooks on January 6 to challenge the Electoral College plan.

According to sources, it may be because of fear of reprisals from the Republican leadership or the media, and Turberville does not intend to publicly confirm this challenge.

The report said that President Trump has had a phone conversation with Taberville and expressed optimism about the January 6 challenge.

Earlier, Taberville also publicly stated to the media that he would join Brooks’s plan to challenge the Electoral College, but it may take until Christmas before making a final decision. He also called on the Senate to repeat this challenge.

After that, Representative Matt Gaetz, the Republican of Florida, announced that he would also join the Brooks challenge in the House of Representatives, and said that he had talked with Turberville and confirmed that the latter would join the challenge in the Senate.

On January 6, the U.S. Congress will hold a joint meeting to certify the results of the electoral college voting in the 2020 presidential election. According to relevant regulations, if the electoral college of any state is challenged to vote at the meeting, at least one senator and one congressman must jointly initiate in writing. If the challenge is successful, the state’s electoral votes will be invalid.

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At present, many members of the House of Representatives have indicated that they will participate in challenging the results of the electoral college voting in six swing states. Among the senators, in addition to Taberville, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is also willing to participate in the challenge.

In addition, Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler told Gateway Pundit on Monday (December 28) that regarding the challenge to the Electoral College in Congress on January 6, “I have made it very clear, nothing is impossible.” She also emphasized that she must first ensure that she wins the Joe State Senate runoff on January 5, and then “we will continue to fight for this president.”

Lefler’s rival in the Senate runoff was the far-left Raphael Warnock. In a debate on December 6, Lefler asked Warnock in public: “Will you give up socialism and Marxism for all Georgians?” Warnock did not answer directly.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Xiao Jing/Editor in charge: Mei Lan)

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