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[Voice of Hope May 4, 2021](Comprehensive report by our reporter Zhong Xuan)This weekend will be Mother’s Day, and the polling agency announced the ranking of states that are more friendly to women’s work.

According to a WalletHub poll, Massachusetts is the most suitable state for working mothers, while Louisiana is ranked 51st. The two rankings are the same as last year.

The Wallet Huber poll said that after 17 measurements of childcare, professional job opportunities, and work-life, New York has the best childcare system, while Idaho has the worst childcare system. .

The poll also announced that Mississippi has the cheapest child care costs, while Nebraska has the highest cost, Washington DC has the highest proportion of female executives, and Utah has the lowest state.

According to the survey, Maryland has the most job opportunities for women, but the life-work balance is the second worst.

The state with the highest overall performance is Massachusetts, which ranks 15th for women’s job opportunities, while its work-life balance ranks No. 1 in the United States and No. 2 for child care.

Vermont ranks 4th for women’s job opportunities, 9th for work-life balance, and 4th for childcare.

Connecticut’s women’s job opportunities rank 7th, work-life balance ranks 5th, and child care ranks 5th.

The top ten announced by the poll included Connecticut, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York and Washington, with the majority of traditional blue states.

The bottom 10 states are 42nd. West Virginia 43. Arkansas 44. New Mexico 45. Oklahoma 46. Nevada 47. South Carolina 48. Mississippi 49. Love. Daho State 50. Alabama State 51. Louisiana State

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