US President Joe Biden Defending Workers’ Right to Organize Union Movement at Amazon | Reuters

On February 28, US President Joe Biden (pictured) defended workers’ right to organize in a video posted on Twitter and restrained acts such as threatening employees by the company. Photo taken in Washington on the 27th (2021 Reuters / Joshua Roberts)

[Washington, 28th, Reuters]–US President Joe Biden defended the right to organize workers in a video posted on Twitter on the 28th, and the company restrained acts such as threatening employees.’s Alabama logistics hub is currently voting for a trade union.

Biden didn’t mention the Amazon, but he specifically mentioned “Alabama workers” in videos and tweets. He pointed out that all workers should have free and fair choice to join the union, and employers cannot take it away.

“Unions empower both joined and non-joined workers, especially for black and brown workers,” he said. “There should be no threat, coercion, intimidation, or anti-union propaganda. Do not question employees about union preferences. “

Amazon is the second largest private sector employer in the country. There is no employee union in the United States. Employees working at a logistics facility in Bessemer, Alabama will be the company’s first union worker if voted for. If that happens, similar movements may be intensified at other facilities.

A spokeswoman for the retail and wholesale trade union RWDSU said there were many reports that Amazon used “various threatening strategies” during its efforts to form a union and during the voting period.

Reuters reported this month that President Biden’s aides and RWDSU officials had talks to organize employees working at Amazon’s Alabama site.

RWDSU representative Stewart Appelbaum welcomed President Biden’s post on the 28th as a “clear message in support” of workers seeking to form the first union at Amazon’s logistics facilities.


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