us. Repatriations of migrants from Cuba and Haiti continue in Florida


Florida, United States / 09.01.2023 15:38:00

The United States Coast Guard repatriated 273 migrants, mostly from Cuba and Haiti, to Matanzas, Cuba, the weekend after the operations by the Florida government.

Faced with the increase in the migratory flow in Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ordered on Friday mobilize the state National Guard to intercept people seeking to enter irregularly.

Authorities reported more than 4 thousand 400 immigrants from Cuba and Haiti who have made it to state shores by boat since August, more than 700 of them arrived in the Florida Keys over New Year’s weekend.

Many arrived in improvised motorized rafts that were used to carry out the dangerous journey of 160 kilometers from the island through the Straits of Florida.

Ron DeSantis said in a statement Friday that the state would deploy planes, helicopters and marine patrols to the area “to bolster operations by water and ensure the safety of migrants.”

Through a statement, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida condemned the actions of the governor and stressed that migrants make the journey by sea to flee “extreme political and economic anguish in their countries of origin.”

“As migrants arrive on our shores, our number one priority as a state must be to ensure that all people are safe, healthy, cared for and treated humanely,” he said. Tiffani Lennon, CEO of the ACLU.

The ACLU director also added that elected officials should work with groups on the ground and help organizations that have offered to receive and support migrants and asylum seekers instead of “politicizing the issue”.

On Friday, DeSantis criticized Democratic President Joe Biden and the federal government’s immigration policies and response to migrants arriving in the Florida Keys.


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