US Senate rejects electoral vote objection for Arizona

The vote rejects the Republican effort to block the counting of Arizona electoral votes, which correspond to Biden

The Senate of the U.S (EE.UU.) has rejected the objection of the votes of the Electoral College corresponding to Arizona.

Only six Republicans voted in favor: Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Roger Marshall, John Kennedy and Tommy Tuberville

In this way, the effort is rejected republican to block the consideration of Arizona’s electoral votes, which give victory to Joe Biden in that state and the legislative process should continue without delay throughout the night.

With an almost overwhelming result of 93 to 6, the US Senate rejects the first objection to the electoral result in the state of Arizona where the result favored Joe Biden.

This Wednesday, the United States Congress resumed its session to corroborate the result of the November elections, after the extraordinary assault on the Capitol by the president’s supporters Donald Trump, which ended with a dead woman and numerous damage to the Legislative headquarters.

According to the laws governing the United States electoral process, both chambers of the Congress They must meet in joint session to open and count the certificates of electoral votes corresponding to each state of the country.

The session, led by the vice president Mike Pence, will validate the results already corroborated by the Electoral College, which met on December 14 in each state and ratified the victory of Joe Biden.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital and EFE

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