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On Monday the final will take place in college football between Alabama and Ohio State. It’s the end of a season that ultimately only existed because Donald Trump urgently needed votes in the presidential election. Reported to juergenum8

The final in college football between Alabama and Ohio State is ultimately only because Donald Trump needed votes in the election.

The university athletes are amateurs, they are not allowed to earn a cent by risking their health. They receive grants and grants for food, rent and teaching material. Many use it to finance their studies, which at an elite university can cost $ 300,000. Some recommend themselves for the talent exchange of the professional league NFL, which attracts with salaries in the millions. With debates, including a few court judgments, an attempt is made to bring about a change – currently even stars like Alabama’s passport recipient DeVonta Smith, who has just been awarded the Heisman Trophy as best player of the season, are not allowed to earn anything.

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A football coach is the highest paid civil servant, but college football still has a lot of money involved. The 65 universities of the five largest, regionally subdivided leagues earn more than four billion dollars a year. Finalists Alabama ($ 164.1 million) and Ohio State ($ 228 million) had sales of the finalists’ sports faculties in the range of a Bundesliga club. Alabama’s trainer Nick Saban is the highest paid public servant because he works at a university, with an annual salary of $ 9.3 million.

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Football generates so much revenue that it finances other sports. A cancellation of the season would have had fatal effects on the entire sporting activities of the higher US educational institutions; The elite Stanford University, for example, had to cut eleven sports because the budget was missing $ 70 million due to the lack of income. This is one of the reasons why Trump absolutely wanted to play: A booming economy and distraction from television sports were more important to him than caution when dealing with the pandemic, as he has shown quite clearly in recent months.

So it was played. Because after a long hesitation (Big TenandPac-12 on the west coast wanted to cancel the season) there were only three universities that did without: Connecticut, Old Dominion and New Mexico State. However, it turned out to be more of a farce, as the example of finalist Ohio State showed. The college has played just six games before the semifinals this season, the duels with Maryland, Michigan and Indiana have been canceled. Ohio State won all six games, but normally that small number of games is not enough to qualify for the title fight. The four semi-finalists, each receiving six million dollars, are elected by a committee – and the prominent Ohio State was in and the undefeated Cincinnati out.

Until recently, there was debate over whether the final should not be postponed in the semifinals on New Year’s Day, Ohio State surprisingly defeated Clemson University 49:28. Clemson’s quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who caused a stir last summer with the Twitter hashtag

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#wewanttoplay (“We want to play”) and then missed two games because of the coronavirus, has now announced his intention to move to the NFL. He should be chosen first by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The second semi-final won top favorite Alabama easily 31:14 against Notre Dame.

“We’ll be ready,” says Ohio States coach Ryan Day – and it’s not about the mental state of his team. Until recently, there was a debate about whether the final should not be postponed. The reason: So many corona cases at Ohio State that it was not certain whether Day could put together a team. His comment now sounds like a season conclusion from his college: “There have been problems every week, that’s not new to us. Our job: deal with it, fly to Miami and play.”

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