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Magdalena Keck wants to be a professional soccer player

To become a professional soccer player is the big goal of Höchsterin Magdalena Keck

Her big dream of being a professional soccer player wants herself Magdalena Keck from the summer with the move to the USA. To do this, she begins studying at the State University in the state of Iowa. This makes Höchsterin the third woman from Vorarlberg who wants to use the land of unlimited opportunities for her great passion for soccer. Carina Gasparini (23) from Röthner and Leonie Salzgeber (18) from Schrunser are already two local soccer players in the United States, playing and studying at universities in New Jersey and South Alabama.

From the summer, Keck will be the third in the league, because the 19-year-old has signed on for four years. The striker, who is currently playing for FC Dornbirn, is still unsure about the field of study, but her plan is that she would like to continue scoring goals on the soccer field overseas. Salzgeber’s agency, with whom Keck played before leaving FC Dornbirn, arranged the change. “Sport,” says the graduate of the high school in Lustenau, “simply has a completely different status in the USA. This gives me the unique opportunity to combine school and sport in the best possible way”. Full of anticipation, she is therefore looking forward to a new chapter in her life. “I am firmly convinced that it is a perfect opportunity for me to gain experience and to mature in my personality”. Over the past few weeks, she has been using the Internet to take a close look at the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, around 555 km west of Chicago – and was immediately impressed.

Early football passion

Magdalena Keck discovered football for herself at the tender age of five. It shouldn’t matter that she had to play with the boys in the club up to the U-16 team. Having arrived in women’s football, she has been causing a sensation with her goals at FC Dornbirn for two and a half years now. Speed ​​and fitness are among their strengths in addition to their goal threat. Up until her departure, her main goal is to achieve the much-desired promotion to the second-highest Austrian league with the club. That’s why she hopes to return to the green lawn soon. After all, the top striker wants to add more goals to her 68 goals so far for the Rothosen women’s team. There could have been a few more if she hadn’t been out of action for a few weeks due to muscular problems. In addition, the mere thought of possibly having to leave the team without another game due to the corona pandemic hurts, as Keck admits. “For me, FC Dornbirn is more than a club. The coaching team with Günther Kerber and Norbert Lammer did a lot to help me develop as a footballer. The time will remain unforgettable and instructive for me at the same time. And so it’s not easy for me to say goodbye. The ladies will always have a place in my heart.”

Keck’s rapid development has not gone unnoticed by the coaches of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB). She has already been invited to various courses for the under-19 national team. Now the next step is taking place, also thanks to the support of the family. “They are all happy for me that I have the chance to make my dream come true.” No wonder, since the Keck family are football fans. Because her brothers Maximilian and Julius also chase after the round leather.

BORN February 15, 2002 in Dornbirn

JOB 2020 successful graduation from the BG Lustenau

FAMILY single, father: Günter; Mother: Ruth Keck-Schobel, brothers: Maximilian and Julius

SOCIETIES FC Höchst, VFV U-14 girls selection, FC Dornbirn

MOTTO IN LIFE “Do your thing and stand your ground no matter what others say”

HOBBIES Football, meeting friends, taking photos, doing jigsaw puzzles

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