US study: Nearly 20% of infected adults have long-term symptoms (picture)

Many people have long-term symptoms after contracting Covid-19 (Adobe Stock)

[See China June 24, 2022 News]U.S.Health officials said Wednesday that, based on data from surveys conducted in the first two weeks of June, the number of reported infectionscoronavirusNearly one-fifth of U.S. adults still havelong-term symptoms

Overall, the data show that 1 in 13 Americans has long-term symptoms of COVID-19. Those symptoms persisted for three months or more after their first infection, something they didn’t have before their reinfection.

The data was collected by the U.S. Census Bureau from June 1 to 13 and analyzed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Long-term COVID-19 symptoms include fatigue, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, cognitive difficulties, chronic pain, sensory paresthesias, and muscle weakness. These symptoms can be debilitating and persist for weeks or months after the initial infection.

The CDC analysis also found that younger adults were more likely to have persistent symptoms than older adults.

Women are also more likely than men to have long-term symptoms, the study showed. 9.4 percent of U.S. adult women reported long-term symptoms of infection, compared with 5.5 percent of men.

The study found that nearly 9 percent of Hispanic adults had long-term symptoms. That number is higher than non-Hispanic whites and blacks, and twice as high as non-Hispanic Asian adults.

In addition, the survey data also shows that the figures in this regard vary from state to state. Kentucky and Alabama reported higher percentages of adults with long-term symptoms, and Hawaii, Maryland and Virginia had the lowest percentages.

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Source: Voice of America

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