Usa, a woman at the gallows: a lethal injection will kill Lisa Montgomery, 52 years old

Lisa Montgomery

Hopes now hang on a last appeal by the defense, which had already asked Trump to turn the sentence into life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, leveraging the inmate’s insanity.

Washington – Donald Trump dispenses graces and commutes sentences for friends and allies but not for the only woman on death row, the first to come to justice in almost 70 years: Lisa Montgomery will be lethally injected on January 12, just 9 days before Joe Biden takes office, who instead pledged to end the federal death penalty.

The date was confirmed by a Washington appeals court, right on the day a country like Kazakhstan has abolished the death penalty. The day was initially set for 8 December but the execution was stopped after the woman’s lawyers were infected with Covid.

The lawyers had contested the new date of January 12, arguing that it could not be fixed while the suspension of execution was in effect. A court had upheld their petition but the second instance judges concluded that the order of the director of the penitentiaries is legitimate, giving green disc for injection.

Hopes now hang on a last appeal from the defense, which had already asked Trump to turn the woman’s sentence into life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, relying on the inmate’s insanity: “Given the severity of Ms. Montgomery’s mental illness, the sexual and physical torture she suffered throughout her life, and the link between her trauma and the facts of her crime, we appeal to the President to grant her mercy and commute her sentence to life imprisonment ”.

Appeal ignored by Trump, who last year dusted off the federal death penalty after a 17-year moratorium, already overseeing 10 executions and refusing to block the remaining four despite the usual truce in the transition period: if they are carried out, he will be the president who has collected the most in over a century.

Lisa Montgomery, 52, was sentenced to death for a particularly heinous crime committed in 2004, when she went from her Kansas to the home of Bobbie Jo Stinnett, Missouri, pretending to want to buy one of the puppies raised by the woman, eight months pregnant at the time. But, once inside, he strangled her and cut her belly with a kitchen knife to extract the little girl, still alive, with the aim of making them believe she was his daughter.

The case, which shook America, inspired books and TV episodes. Montgomery has a tormented life behind her: abused by her stepfather and threatened by her mother with a gun after the discovery of the abuse, an alcoholic, two marriages at a young age that ended badly, the last under the blows of other abuses. IS four children before a sterilization never fully accepted.

The last woman to be executed in the US was Bonnie Heady, in 1953 in a Missouri gas chamber. Together with her husband Carl Hall, also sentenced to death, she kidnapped the six-year-old son of a wealthy businessman from school, killed him and demanded what was then the largest ransom in American history: $ 600,000,000. the equivalent of more than $ 5 million today.

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