USA: Covid patients ask for vaccination when it is already too late

US President Joe Biden uses the expression “pandemic of the unvaccinated” in view of the current corona situation. Because at the moment it is mainly they who are newly infected, like the US health authority CDC approved. The situation in the hospitals is also coming to a head again: Doctor Brytney Cobia from the state of Alabama is experiencing it firsthand, reports “AL“.

In one Facebook-Post, she shares her experience with particularly severe corona cases in her hospital. She confirms that it mainly affects the unvaccinated and appeals to everyone to get vaccinated. Because people who have to be ventilated often ask for a vaccination at the last minute, says Cobia.

“It’s not too late, but it could be one day”

“One of the last things you do before you are intubated is to ask me for a vaccination,” the doctor writes on Facebook. “I’ll hold your hand and tell you I’m sorry but it’s too late for that.” Because many of these people die from the disease. Including a large number of young people who are not vaccinated.

Even if it is already too late for the patient, the doctor tries to convince the relatives. Often false reports are believed or the disease is underestimated. “It’s not too late, but it might one day,” warns Cobia. “Even if I walk into the room and think, ‘This is your own fault,’ when I go back out, I see a person who is really suffering.”

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