USA: First execution of a woman postponed in almost 70 years due to her mental health

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Lisa Montgomery was to be executed on Tuesday for the first time since 1953 in the United States. Now a court has suspended the execution of the death sentence because of her poor psychological condition.

Lisa Montgomery, sentenced to death for the gruesome murder of a pregnant woman, will not be executed as scheduled on Tuesday, a court in the state of Indiana said on Monday (local time). Judge James Hanlon justified the delay with the poor mental state of the 52-year-olds imprisoned in Indiana.

He granted her and her lawyers one more pre-sentence mental hearing.

“The eighth amendment to the constitution prohibits the execution of people like Ms. Montgomery who, because of mental illness or brain damage, are unable to understand the reason for their execution,” Montgomery’s defense attorney Kelley Henry told CNN.

The court has now also stated that Montgomery, who was born with a damaged brain, is currently “mentally far from reality”.

Lisa Montgomery is said to die from lethal injection on January 12th. According to her lawyer, her life was reminiscent of a horror film.

Lisa was badly abused by her mother as a child, and later brutally abused by her stepfather. He even set up a trailer behind the house so that nobody could hear the child screaming while he was attacking her. Lisa’s mother also sold her daughter’s body and let other men abuse the girl. The relationship with her first husband as well as the second marriage are again marked by violence and sexual assault.

All of this left its mark on the 52-year-old: brain damage, anxiety, psychoses, personality disorders – the inmate couldn’t get through the day without medication.

US federal authorities have prisoners executed again until Trump’s term ends

Murder and pregnancy

Montgomery had strangled a heavily pregnant woman in 2004 and then cut the baby out of her belly. In 2007 she was sentenced to death.

The execution of the death sentence would be the first execution of a woman by the US federal judiciary since 1953. Trump, who will leave office on Wednesday next week, is a proponent of the death penalty.

Diane Mattingly, sister of those sentenced to death, is fighting with lawyers and human rights activists to have Lisa Montgomery’s sentence turned into a life sentence with no parole. She even asked for a pardon from President Donald Trump. He could still overturn the judgment against the 52-year-old.


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