USA: Plane crashes into power tower in suburban Washington – photo and video


In the United States of America, in the state of Maryland, the plane crashed into the power grid tower and hovered on it. This led to power outages and delays to the subway.

Tens of thousands of Americans were left without electricity, writes A.P. The plane got stuck at a 30-meter height.

“The accident happened on November 28 near the Montgomery County Airport in Montgomery Village, a suburb of Washington. The injured pilot and passenger of the plane were saved,” the report says.

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Rescuers cordoned off the tower. Rescue of the pilot and passenger was difficult as the lines remained energized. The pilot was 65 years old. Patrick Merkle from Washington, and the passenger is a 66-year-old Janet Williams. They were seriously injured, but now their lives are no longer in danger.

The accident left about 120,000 people without power in Montgomery County. Subsequently, the power supply was restored.

Later, the plane was lowered to the ground, its front part was broken.

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