USA: Sentenced to death, Lisa Montgomery will be executed on January 12

She will be the first woman to be executed by the US federal government in nearly 70 years.

Nurse Lisa Montgomery was convicted and sentenced in 2007 for murdering a pregnant woman, a heinous crime she committed in 2004 under bizarre circumstances. She deceived her victim with a false identity until she went to the latter’s home. She then strangled him and forcibly removed the child. This is what led to the death of the future mother.

Since July 14 of last year, eight Americans received a fatal injection at the federal penitentiary of Terre Haute in Indiana and by January 20, five new executions are planned, including that of Lisa Montgomery.

An approach slightly criticized by the American media which indicate that at the end of his mandate, Donald Trump multiplies the federal executions while the tradition is that the government refrains from pronouncing a death penalty during a period of political transition.


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