USA: Suspected Colorado Shooter Faces New Charges

The alleged perpetrator of a shooting at an LGTB club in the US state of Colorado, which last November left five dead and 19 injured, appeared this Friday before a court where he was accused of 12 additional crimes, including hate crimes and attempted murder.

The total of crimes imputed to the 22-year-old is now 317including several charges of first degree murder, for which he faces life in prison, collects CNN.

The new charges were filed for two additional victims who were in the club at the time of the events.

The event It took place in a place for adults called Club Q, which hosts, among other activities, cross-dressing shows. The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, was charged with hate crimes, though his lawyers say he identifies as non-binary himself.

Aldrich was reduced by some of those present in the club after walking in with a semi-automatic rifle and pistol, and starting shooting over the crowd.



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