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The former president [des Etats-Unis] held the first rally of 2022, promising a year of reclaiming “the House and the Senate”, before “taking back the White House in 2024”

DFrom a podium bearing the inscription “Let’s save America”, the former president held the first rally of the year 2022, promising a year of reconquest of “the House and the Senate”, before “taking back the House- White in 2024”.

Trump is on the campaign trail again. The former American president delivered his first meeting of the year in Florence, Arizona, on Saturday January 16, during which he launched the campaign for the midterm elections of November 2022. He promised that this would be the year or “we will reconquer the House and the Senate”, before “in 2024, to take back the White House”.

In the desert wind, the “Trump 2020” and “Trump 2024” flags fluttered over a vast field, to encourage the billionaire defeated at the polls after four years in the White House to run for the next presidential election. Before the start of the public meeting, the crowd chanted “Let’s go Brandon”, an insulting coded formula for Joe Biden that had become a rallying cry for the Trumpist base.

“It’s almost like a Woodstock MAGA”, a mix between the hippie festival of the 1960s and the “Make America Great Again” meetings of the ex-real estate magnate, enthuses an early Trumpist.

The former American president indeed intended to respond to the very offensive speech launched against him by Joe Biden during the commemorations of the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

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A year after the attack, his speech is unchanged. Barely arrived on stage, red cap on his head, Donald Trump begins his meeting in Florence, Arizona, contesting his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. “Last year, the election was rigged. The evidence is everywhere! “. the former president immediately explained that he had “proof” that the 2020 election had been “rigged”. “Fake news and mainstream media refuse to talk about it,” Trump said, “they say it’s baseless and it’s a big lie. The big lie is a bunch of bullshit, that’s what it is. “If an election were held today, we would have beaten them soundly, like we did on November 3. We beat them. If we had an honest press, the election would have been very different,” Trump said.

And the activists exult.

Donald Trump is now using the stolen election theme to rally his supporters for the upcoming midterm elections. A winning strategy of denial, according to Ali Alexander, the organizer of the famous demonstration of January 6 in Washington, present in the public. “With Trump to guide us, we are heading for a Republican wave,” he says.

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