Uspenskaya told how she almost married Kirkorov

The queen of the chanson Lyubov Uspenskaya said that now she could be the wife of Philip Kirkorov. According to, in the New Year’s edition of the show “Mask”, the singer noted that 30 years ago she really had a romantic relationship with the king of the stage.

At the same time, during the broadcast, a very unusual conversation began between Kirkorov and Uspenskaya. It turned out that about 30 years ago, right on New Year’s Eve, Kirkorov made Uspenskaya a marriage proposal, but in the end, nothing happened. Ouspenskaya herself, recalling the proposal, said that it was not too late to repeat everything. At the same time, celebrities even joked that at the next New Year’s corporate party, you can repeat everything that did not work out 3 decades ago.

Moreover, the artists even began to try on new surnames – Philip Uspensky and Lyubov Kirkorova. The queen of the chanson noted that her surname would be very suitable for her colleague. “The Uspensky-Kirkorovs are singing for you on New Year’s Eve. Expensive, “Kirkorov said. It should be noted that not so long ago, Ouspenskaya began a divorce proceedings with her husband Plaksin, in a marriage with whom her only daughter Tatyana was born. If we talk about Kirkorov, then he was married only once – to the singer Alla Pugacheva.


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