USS Alabama – Suspense movie on Télé 7 Jours

If you missed the start

It is from the French aircraft carrier Foch that a CNN reporter recounts the latest events. The conflict in Chechnya has degenerated, engulfing the whole Caucasus. Consequently the United States, supported by the British and the French, suspended their aid to Russia, an act immediately denounced by the ultranationalist leader Radchenko as a declaration of war on his country. A situation of civil war ensued and the capture by his supporters of the naval base of Vladivostok, from which threats of nuclear reprisals against the United States and Japan now originated. Western fleets were put on alert. And so it was that Ron Hunter, a brilliant Harvard theorist, was rushed in to replace the second-in-command of the USS Alabama, the most powerful nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine in the United States. commands old Captain Ramsey with a firm hand. Thanks to its strike force, its building is sent to the front line, not far from the coasts of the former USSR, the ultimate rampart in the event of an attack…

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