“Vaccines continue to protect”: Illinois experts ask the community to take care of themselves during the holidays | Videos | Univision Chicago WGBO

of January the tree will beseen the public decorated withwhich one reads the names ofthe victims of actsviolent. at least 500families have registeredof the lack of beds for therespiratory virus, we continuewith problems due to lack ofspace. in the case ofcovid19 we have seen an increasedraatic we have the expert.authorities, he was going to give aincrease byparties? It seems that it is there,believe that the situation couldworsen?>>generally expected aincrease in cases since withclimate change we are moreinside homes andalso, we are not usingmasks, at the same time, theChristmas and its activitiesmake us meetpeople. they are expected to risecases but it is expected thatVaccines protect thepeople of thehospitalizations.>>they’re not that serious, pleasesay that the effectiveness ofvacunas is it working?>>vaccines really aresuper powerful, currently notwe are going many cases inthe hospitals. the cases thatwe have covid19 they arewe have more cases forpeople who testhome, vaccinations do not followprotecting and the people whoI see in hospitals areolder people, whathave more ethical problems.we are still protected and it isimportant to seek the vaccineFor this season.>>it seems that we don’t learnthe lesson because the casesdo?>>with the flu and the covid19 we must use thepossible tools forprotect us, the main thing isvaccines, vaccinehospitalizations and deaths,equally the vaccinecovid19. try looking for yourvaccine.>>finally, to finish.recommendations.>>the main thing is to analyzewhich risk is yours and thepeople in your home. If it goesreunite with your grandmother, or afriend with problemsimmunological agents must beprotected and vaccinated.now if you are a young personand you have no ethical problemsthen the level of risk is

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