Valérien Ismaël relaunched Barnsley, bad evening for Jérémie Bela and Taylor Moore –

This Tuesday evening, we played as part of the 22nd day of the Championship, the 2nd English division. Several former residents of the RC Lens were concerned.

Jeremiah Bela, titular, came out on the break in Birmingham’s home rout, beaten 4-0 by Derby County. The score was already 3-0 at the break. Taylor Moore, who has started 13 times this season, was left on the bench in Bristol City’s 2-1 loss to Luton Town. With Samba Sow and Anthony Knockaert on the entry pitch, Nottingham Forest brought back a good 1-1 draw from Stoke City. None of these former Lensois has been a decisive scorer or passer. In addition, Barnsley continues to rise in the rankings since arriving on the bench of Valérien Ismaël. The club have left the depths of the standings and are in 8th place (34 points) after another 2-1 success at Rotherham. The 6th and first jump-off for a climb, Reading, is only 2 lengths while Swansea, 2nd and first automatic acceding, is 5 points (39). Norwich City leads the way (44). Bristol City is 10th (33), Birmingham 18th (23) and Nottingham 21st (19), 3 points above the red zone.

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