Vaquerizo and Alaska second the statements of Victoria Abril and Miguel Bosé: “They are very brave”

The singers have supported the actress and Victoria Abril after their controversial statements made at the presentation of the fierce awards.

The girl Almodóvar made very serious denial statements: “Now we are guinea pigs and they put experiments on us without proving that they put us in quickly, and that not only are they not working. Since we have vaccine there are more positives, more sick and more deaths ”.

These statements brought him harsh criticism from colleagues such as Carlos Bardem or Loles León.

But not everything was critical, Mario Vaquerizo and Alaska expressed their support for the actress to the amazement of those present on the Telecinco set:

“I am in favor of freedom of expression and against the holy inquisition.” “Each person can say what they consider.” “There are very brave people like Victoria Abril and Miguel Bosé who do not censor themselves,” said Vaquerizo, with the approval of Alaska.

It should be remembered that Alaska already stated that he was a very “fan of conspiracy theories” in the Resistance with David Broncano.

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