Vasiliev Day in Ukraine: congratulations in postcards, SMS and prose

Vasiliev Day falls annually on January 14th. Previously, the counting of the new calendar year began on this day. Before this holiday, many went from house to house and sowed, wished happiness and prosperity for the residents.

And although in today’s conditions, not everyone will be able to adhere to traditions, you can congratulate them on an important day from a distance. Warm words can always find their way to the heart.

Congratulations on St. Basil’s Day in postcards, SMS and prose cheer up and warm in this difficult time.

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Congratulations in SMS


Vasiliev’s day has come –
He brought us goodness and peace,
For the whole year of health, strength,
And comfort in houses, apartments!

Let only good news
This holiday will bring!
And let it grow, two hundred times,
Monthly income!


Vasiliev’s day has come,
On this bright holiday
People are all and sundry
In various attire
They go home singing
To pick up hotels
They will bring you good luck
And good will happen!


Saint Basil’s Day
Celebrates our people.
And he’s always ready
He comes to us with carols.

You give him gifts
Give him some money!
Then the whole year will be bright,
Happiness, joy rich!


We meet the old New Year
Will never be lazy
Let the rich table break
On a joyful Vasiliev day.

I wish you well
And warm heart
Let there be order in the house
Let the soul be light.


Celebrating Vasily’s Day
And we wish everyone happiness
Good luck and warmth to everyone
Peace, joy in full.

We wish you many kind words.
Our congratulations,
May he help you all
Brings faith and love.


Congratulations in postcards

Vasiliev day Vasiliev day Vasiliev day Vasiliev day

Congratulations in prose


On Vasily’s Day, I sincerely wish grace in the house and prosperity, peace in the family and love, generous crops and delicious pies, abundance on the table and kindness in the soul, unquenchable hope and undoubted happiness, good people on the way and good luck.


From the bottom of my heart, on Vasily’s Day, I wish you glorious joy and sincere love, life without turmoil and sadness, unbridled good luck and luck, bright happiness and good inspiration. Let the house be filled with goodness and fun, let all the bad things from the yard blow away with a blizzard.


I wish you to celebrate Vasily’s Day in the circle of your closest people, letting in carolers and exchanging good wishes! May the house be fragrant and prosperous, the family be strong and friendly, and love warm everyone!

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