VDE: 100 percent renewable energy supply possible

VDE Task Force presents study on the energy system 2050

A task force of experts from VDE ETG (Energietechnische Gesellschaft im VDE) drew their vision of the energy system 2050 and announced on 10.01.2023 recommendations for action. Renewable electricity and gas such as B. green hydrogen will form the basis for our energy system. However, further technical developments and changes in the regulatory framework are necessary.

High voltage line and wind generators in Brandenburgg – Photo © Gerhard Hofmann, agency future, for Solarify

We are currently at a historic turning point in energy policy and the further development of our energy supply. A task force of the VDE ETG therefore now has one Study with the vision for the energy system in 2050 presented: In it, the idea is developed that Germany can supply itself 100 percent with renewable energies in 2050.

The authors agree that the future energy system will have a combination of central and local elements in more decentralized structures. It is based on smaller and larger generation units such as photovoltaics, onshore and offshore wind, where possible also geothermal energy, biogenic renewable fuels and hydropower. Solar energy and wind energy will be the primary energy sources. The number of generating facilities will continue to increase immensely from around two million today, more and more towards local or regional units with independent planning, operation and optimization.

Secure and affordable energy supply

Locally available, renewable energy sources in combination with storage can make a decisive contribution to the security, but also to the affordability of the energy supply. In order to approach the Vision 2050 described in the study, recommendations for action are given that are aimed equally at experts and society. This includes, for example, establishing a priority program to make the energy system more flexible. Electricity from renewable energies must be used preferentially in all areas. To this end, sector coupling must be promoted more intensively. Finally, eliminating the shortage of skilled workers must be given the highest priority.

Many new players in the energy market

The number and diversity of market participants will increase significantly. The central position of today’s large producers will disappear. New market participants such as energy municipalities and cooperatives will also be players in these markets, as will representatives from other sectors and industries, such as mobility providers or real estate companies.

The ETG experts point out that the now in the context of the
The measures taken during the energy crisis must be future-proof and compatible with the energy system of the future. The solution and the way to get there will become an important driver for economic growth and prosperity in Germany, a country poor in natural resources.

With more than 12,000 members, the Energietechnische Gesellschaft im VDE (VDE ETG) bundles the technical expertise of energy technology from generation, transmission and distribution to the diverse fields of application. The extensive expert knowledge of the approximately 300 volunteer employees from industry, research, utilities, universities and authorities who work in departments, technical committees and working groups forms the technical and scientific basis for events and publications of the Energy Technology Society in the VDE.

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