Vera Brezhneva and Tayanna – Vishivanka: song premiere watch online

Vera Brezhneva and Tayanna sang a well-known lyrical song about the sacred amulet of Ukrainians – vyshyvanka. The artists presented a song called Embroidered shirtand now it sounds in a modern arrangement and in the light of the last days.

It is known that the song is considered folk, but its authors are the poet Nikolai Som and the composer Oscar Sandler.

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So, the singers sang about black and red threads, connecting them with separation and love in the conditions of war that millions of Ukrainians faced. We are also talking about Ukrainian women who conveyed their warmth and love with the help of the canvas.

It is known that Vera and Tayanna met for the first time since the beginning of the year to record a song, and this is what came of it.

Even the cover of the track was created on the basis of long-standing Ukrainian traditions – it was made by embroiderer Sofia Goldman-Manastyrska using the technique chainwhich was actively used in the North and West of Ukraine.

Recall that Vera is now engaged not only in creativity, but also in changes in her personal life. In September, the media reported that Brezhnev divorced Meladze. It is possible that this happened against the backdrop of the war, because the artist is on the side of Ukraine, while the composer continues to remain silent about the murders.

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