Victoria Bonya announced her desire to become a State Duma deputy. “If I had been given 200 million euros”

Bonya wants to become a State Duma deputy from the Chita region Photo: Victoria Bonya, Instagram

The former participant of the show “Dom-2”, TV presenter Victoria Bonya, said that she could go to the State Duma from the Chita region. According to her, she is well aware of the problems of the places in which she was born.

“I know what questions I am interested in and what I would lobby if I really decided to do it. Only living in this city, having experienced everything for yourself, can you understand what our youth go through. There have been terrible things, “Bonya said in the YouTube show” Better is the truth. ” The TV presenter was born in the city of Krasnokamensk in the Chita region. According to her, there were settlements of prisoners near their house.

Bonya noted that, becoming a deputy, she would pay special attention to the sports development of youth. “Now, if they gave me 200 million euros with the task of spending them on the Trans-Baikal Territory, I would open some good academies. Maybe tennis, ”added the TV presenter.



Earlier, showman Sergei Zverev said that he was going to run for the State Duma from Buryatia. He stressed that for this he has the people’s support and love. Zverev noted that this will cheer up local politicians.

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