Video: a mother saved her daughter from the fierce attack of a raccoon

The animal clung to the girl’s leg, who screamed desperately in fear.

A mother saved her daughter from an attack by a wild and rabid raccoon outside her home. The event was recorded on the security cameras of the house, located in Connecticut, United States.

In the images it can be seen that the animal appeared unexpectedly and attacked the girl who was waiting for the school bus at the entrance of her house.

In the video you can see how the raccoon clings to the girl’s leg and – although the minor tries to get rid of the animal – he did not let go at any time.

That’s when the girl’s mother heard the screams of terror and immediately helped her daughter.

“The capybaras were not on a walk in Nordelta,” said the president of the Green Party

She even yells at the neighbors who tried to help her “he’s a rabid raccoon”. Finally, the woman managed to get rid of the animal and threw it on the lawn at the entrance of the house.

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