VIDEO | Abuelita tried to throw her granddaughter into an irrigation canal in Matamoros, Coahuila


The Pronnif pointed out that the minor was separated from her grandmother and left in the care of a relative.

Drafting·April 10, 2021

Screenshot. Photo: Taken from Twitter.

An octogenarian tried to dump her granddaughter into an irrigation canal in the ejido Los Angeles, Municipality of Matamoros, Coahuila.

Through social networks a video was circulated where a elderly woman, naked, struggling with her 9 year old granddaughter.

In the video you hear the minor screaming for help, since the grandmother, allegedly ill with schizophrenia, I wanted to throw it into the water.

Some people tell the girl that the police are already on their way.

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The minor and the grandmother struggle, while people try to help the little girl.

Let her‘they ask the lady.

Also, the girl asks for support because she is afraid.

In the recording, circulating on the page Facebook Code San Pedro, the minor’s call for help is heard.

“We are going to get on the truck, mistress, they are going to give me a raid. Lord, raise my grandmother “says the girl.

But the lady refused to release her.

With information from: EL UNIVERSAL News Agency


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