Video Caught Teacher Slapping Student Inside School – NBC Chicago

ELKHART, Indiana — A northern Indiana teacher has been fired and banned from school property after an incident Friday in which he allegedly slapped a student.

Baugo Community School Superintendent Byron Sanders said Jimtown high school teacher Mike Hosinski confronted a student about a hoodie he was wearing.

The two argued in a hallway and Hosinski slapped the student across the face so hard that the student’s head hit the wall, Sanders said. The student suffered visible injuries and was treated by medical personnel.

Hosinski has been banned from school grounds, the school superintendent added.

“Any action that threatens harm to any student will be dealt with quickly, directly, and severely. All ‘Jimmies’ should be able to learn in a safe environment,” Sanders said in a statement.

Administrators contacted the Indiana Department of Children’s Services and the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office and both agencies are investigating the incident. School representatives also reported the case to the Indiana Department of Education.

A listing of Hosinski’s home phone numbers could not be found and he could not be reached for comment.

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