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A man refused to wear a mask while visiting one store of the Alabama airport, in U.S, this Sunday.

He client entered the Play and Talk establishment in the company of a woman and a baby, and neither wore a mask, mandatory in state shops by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video game and toy store personnel asked the two adults to wear a mask and offered them a pair for free.

The woman put the mask on immediately, but the man hung it on one ear, so her mouth and nose were still uncovered. Noticing it, the workers of the Alabama store they again asked the customer to put on the mask correctly.

The subject insulted one of the workers and claimed that he was not less than 1.5 meters away from other people. As revealed by the store in Facebook, the man then took out a knife, cut the mask so that it would have a hole and then he put it in his face.

Given the customer’s attitude, the staff of the store asked him to leave the establishment.

As captured by the security cameras, when leaving the place, the man took off his mask and threw it towards one of the employees. In addition, the customer kicked the table containing the free disposable masks that Play and Talk offers and walked away.

On Facebook, the store stated that it respects people’s opinions, but its policies on using the mask will not change. “If you don’t believe in masks or have a problem with wearing them, we are happy to offer you to deliver the products on the street,” he wrote Play and Talk.

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