VIDEO: The controversy returned: Does Uruguay have two or four World Cups?

Within the framework of the World Cup and with Uruguay already eliminated, an influencer from the South American country spoke of the stars that said team is awarded as “World Cups”

Qatar 2022 already finished for the selection of UruguayHowever, a video on social networks reminded us of the situation that the Uruguayan team is experiencing in terms of the stars that are awarded in the logo of their federation and that overlaps with their uniforms, based on the titles obtained.

It all started with a video from the Uruguayan influencer Alaskawho is in the World Cup on a television station in his country, where he asked Argentine fans how many stars they have, and one of the answers went viral with the “two versions” of the story.

Another golden generation is over, that of a Uruguay that was fourth in the world

And it is that there is a lot of history behind the situation, since the World Cups began to be played by FIFA in 1930, precisely in Uruguay, however, the Olympic Games in Paris 1924 and Amsterdam 1928 were played with FIFA rules and were taken as World Championships, therefore, they are credited as champions.

The Uruguayans are champions in 1930 and 1950, which is why the four stars complement each other, but in 2021, FIFA suggested that Uruguay should remove the two stars from the Olympic Games, something that annoyed the federation and is trying to be justified four star technique

But for now they continue, until FIFA make it official. “(Gianni Infantino) confirmed to us that until nothing official arrives, we will not change anything on the shirt. FIFA told us not to give more importance to the issue, if there is no official communication,” said the vice president of the Uruguayan Association of Soccer (AUF), Gaston Tealdi.


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