Vika Tsyganova commented on Pugacheva’s harsh statements

The singer does not consider the last behavior of the Prima Donna to be the behavior of an artist, for whom the opinion and love of fans is important.

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According to the StarHit publication, Vika Tsyganova spoke in an unflattering way about Alla Pugacheva, who allowed herself a number of provocative statements addressed to the inhabitants of Russia. It is clarified that we are talking about the “prayer” of the Primadonna, as well as the condemnation by anti-fans of her statements about “serfs and slaves.” “Why spit on the country, on the audience, calling them serfs and slaves? I think it’s shamelessness. So, their whole previous life was a pretense. They had everything here. singer StarHit.

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Tsyganova sincerely wonders how an artist, whose name has not left the lips of his fans for decades, can speak in such a negative way to all those who disagree. And if someone considers Pugacheva “the wife of the Decembrist”, then the singer thinks a little differently. In her opinion, Alla Borisovna’s songs have never been patriotic, so she can “with a calm soul” stay in the country she has chosen for her further residence. It is being specified that Pugacheva currently lives in Israel with her husband and children.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

Recall that after Maxim Galkin was entered into the register of individuals-foreign agents, Alla Pugacheva called on the Ministry of Justice to take these actions in relation to her. Later, she took the documents of the children from the gymnasium near Moscow, going to Israel on a private plane without a return ticket. Now the Diva’s page on social networks looks like a page of a person who does not respect the different opinions of his fans.

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