VIRAL: Tiktoker asks his millions of followers for help to find his son’s killer | News from Mexico

UNITED STATES.- Ophelia Nichols a viral girl on Tiktok asks her followers for help in finding her son’s killer. Her son Randon Lee was shot to death.

Tragic history

The young man lost his life just before his 19th birthday. “Today would have been my boy’s 19th birthday, but he was taken from me last night. It was taken from my children, my husband and our family,” she said in a video she shared on Saturday, where the mother is seen crying. “My son was killed, he was shot.”

He was killed during a shooting at a gas station in Prichard, Alabama. “I have never asked you for anything, but I need your help.” confessed the influencer.

The police investigate the case, but still they have not revealed the motive for the crime or who could have killed the young man.

“You will be found, you will reap what you sow in this world, you may not be caught now, but it is coming. I hope you see the face of my son all the days of your life“It is read in the video that the mother published asking her followers for help.

The mother regrets that they ended her son’s future because he was in the best part of his life. Through posts on her Facebook account, she expresses all her pain and says goodbye to her son with tender words.

There are also pages where you can make donations to the mother to help her with funeral expenses and she gratefully posts them in her account.

Just before the tragedy, the influencer shared a video of a beach in Alabama where she was vacationing as a family.

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