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What’s the worst thing a driver can do after causing an accident? Go away. This was exactly what is observed in a viral video TikTok in which a teenage boy from the United States runs away after apologizing to the owner of a car, he collided and hit the back of a truck parked in the same parking lot.

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In the images, originally posted to TikTok by user @cookierunthangs and which has racked up thousands of views, a woman is heard recriminating him to an inexperienced motorist at the beginning of his 17 years for the damage he caused to his car while getting behind the wheel of his model SUV in an area of ​​Semmes, Alabama.

Speaking to WKRG News 5, the owner of the car – whose best friend posted on TikTok on viral video– They said that a witness to the incident entered the store they were in and told everyone present that a blue car had just been hit in the parking lot. “To my bad luck, it was mine”, he said.

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The injured said that after confronting the boy, he “Minds” and told him that “I hadn’t crashed my car”. “Listening to witnesses say otherwise, he tried to escape from the scene of the accident, but ended up crushing two other PARKED cars. He ran out of the car to a nail salon to look for the real owner of the vehicle.added.

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Apparently the miner was driving the black SUV without a license. Although the incident was not reported to local police as the parking lot is considered private property, the owners of the struck cars said their insurance companies said they would take care of everything.


Crash without music! The message continues to be deleted by TikTok !! @ kristenhoward75 is my best friend and posted the video first. I am the one who records. ## fyp ## 3wrecksin1

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Viral video: car avoided multiple accident with spectacular maneuver

Viral video: a car avoided a multiple accident with a spectacular maneuver (03/08/2020)

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