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Nina Angelina has been giving a lot to talk about in TikTok for his amazing story What happened? He revealed that he earns almost 5 thousand dollars, only in tips, working alone for a couple of tables in a luxurious club in Los Angeles. USA; immediately, your history made trend causing great controversy and debate in this red social.

The “bottle girl”

Angelina revealed that she is a bottle service waitress at an Arizona establishment which she exposed in a post she titled: “My day as a bottle girl in Scottsdale. week 2″.

The footage was shared last fortnight of may and, since then, has accumulated little over 6.3 million views in which he shows a usual day in the Maya Day & Nightclub where, for most of his working hours, he wears a bikini.

Everything seems to indicate that he works in the VIP zone Well, it shows us scanning some private cabanas around the club’s pool, just as we see her ready to open a bottle of an exclusive Dom Perignon for some high-income clients.

enviable tips

About the end of the tape, Angelina He shows his audience two receipts in which we realize the tips that he has obtained during the day: the first of these, shows expenses for an amount of $9,291 in alcohol and foodwhile the tip was the enviable sum of 1,800.

But, on a second ticket, customers they spent $13,855 and the tip that our protagonist got was 3 mil. However, what is not clear, and she does not explain it either, is whether she distributed that money or, on the contrary, she kept everything.

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Users envy her

Su history It has caused the delight of many, but also the envy of many, who did not miss the opportunity to show how jealous they were: “why wasn’t i born hot so i could make money like that?”, “How do you get into this kind of work? That is the question”.

It’s not the first time Nina shares videos showing her life in this club, in fact, there are a good number of these where we see her enjoying her crazy days working in the Maya Clubbut also others where he shows a very active lifestyle.

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