Viritech Apricale, la hypercar a idrogeno nata in UK

The English start-up Viritech is working on the development of a hydrogen-powered hypercar; the company has no plans to become a full-time automobile manufacturer, but will use this ambitious project to do it know and to refine hydrogen fueling technology.

The project ‘Apricale‘was announced in January, and a few days ago the company confirmed that development will take place at the MIRA Technology Park, near Birmingham. Viritech’s intention is to exploit Apricale as a starting point for a business model that aims to expand into other markets, such as that of work truck, but also in the marine and aerospace sectors.

In the video released by the company that we report at the bottom, it is clear how the intention of the British company is to develop the technology to hydrogen in a way that is easily applicable to cars from other manufacturers, behind license obviously. The video talks about the need to do coexist electricity and hydrogen, adapting the charging and refueling infrastructure to these two technologies that are destined for in the coming years proliferate, given the ever-increasing demand for clean energy.

To date, there is very little information on the Apricale, and we don’t even know if this project will ever come out of the prototype phase: should it succeed in doing so, it would have to deal with another fuel cell hypercar, Hyperion XP-1 announced last year. It is a car born for the same reason as the Apricale, that is to bring attention to fuel cell technology to allow it to spread to other areas as well. Hyperion – unlike Viritech – provided some technical data on the XP-1, stating that the car will be able to reach 355 km/h of maximum speed, offering more than 1600 km autonomy.

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For now, let’s enjoy the sinuous and aerodynamic lines of the beautiful Viritech Apricale.

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