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Puscifer will be back on tour in Europe in 2023. The band around Maynard James Keenan then has “Existential Reckoning: Rewired”, a remix of their current studio record, with them. A new version of the song “A Singularity” provides a first foretaste of the new interpretation.

“A Singularity”, originally released on the current Puscifer album “Existential Reckoning” (2020), has band co-leader Carina Round slower, reduced and dreamlike in her new interpretation of the song, and she also adds her own, enraptured one at the center Added vocal passage. “Maynard’s singing makes this song something of a sad anthem and an ode to life at the same time,” said Round, explaining her idea for the remix. “I wanted the lead vocal, bass and drums to be anchors in a sea of ​​pervasive chaos. A kind of controlled cacophony of celebration. Familiar but a bit unsettling. The horns and saxes at the end all move together, but kind of like that loose, dispersing in foam, then coming together again in a harmonic wave, and then breaking off again, cascading.”

The video for the song, directed by singer Maynard James Keenan, is a memorial to his dog MiHo, who passed away recently. “On October 7, 2021, I lost my muse,” Keenan said. “Deadly Little MiHo lost her two year battle with pancreatitis and kidney disease. We thought we lost her at the end of 2019 so I panicked and wrote this song for her. We were sure she was finished. But we ended up with one Second chance and blessed with a little more time. I rarely share things like this. Too painful. But you can’t keep this to yourself.” According to Keenan, the dog has been featured on many of his singing tracks since 2005: “Every recording, she was either in or near the singing booth. Her sighs, her barking, sniffing, sneezing. Her collar tinkling. Her toy squeaking. Mostly bad timed.”

The remastered song is a first excerpt from Existential Reckoning: Rewired, the remixed album of Puscifer’s latest studio effort, out March 31 via Puscifer Entertainment/Alchemy Recordings/BMG. fans can preorder. Numerous well-known personalities were also involved as guests in the reinterpretation of all twelve album songs: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross took on “Apocalyptical” (Reznor had already co-written the Puscifer song “Potions” in 2009), Phantogram rework “Postulous”, Jordan Fish from Bring Me The Horizon is featured on “Theorem”, Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen teams up with Gone Is Gone bandmate Tony Hajjar on “Grey Area” and Tool’s Justin Chancellor plays on “UPGrade”. You can find everyone involved below.

With the record, Puscifer will then play an extensive US and European tour in the summer, which also includes three shows in Germany. Advance sales for the concert in Hamburg and the two shows in Berlin officially start on January 20th, but at least for the second Berlin performance are currently tickets already availableat Ticketmaster they should on sale on January 19th walk. Current information on pre-sales can be found on the official Puscifer website.

Video: Puscifer – “A Singularity” (Re-Imagined By Carina Round)

Cover & Tracklist: Puscifer – “Existential Reckoning: Rewired”

Puscifer -

01. “Bread And Circus” (re-imagined by Mat Mitchell)
02. “Apocalyptical” (re-imagined by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails)
03. “The Underwhelming” (re-imagined by Juliette Commagere)
04. “Grey Area” (re-imagined by Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens Of The Stone Age/Gone Is Gone & Tony Hajjar of Gone Is Gone/At The Drive In)
05. “Theorem” (re-imagined by Sarah Jones of NYPC & Jordan Fish of Bring Me The Horizon)
06. “UPGrade” (re-imagined by Justin Chancellor of Tool & Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method)
07. “Bullet Train To Iowa” (re-imagined by Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails)
08. “Personal Prometheus” (re-imagined by Greg Edwards of Failure)
09. “A Singularity” (re-imagined by Carina Round)
10. “Postulous” (re-imagined by Phantogram)
11. “Fake Affront” (re-imagined by Gunnar Olsen)
12. “Bedlamite” (re-imagined by Daniel P. Carter)

Live: Puscifer

26.06. Hamburg – Docks
06/27 Berlin – Huxley’s New World
28.06. Berlin – Huxley’s New World

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