Volzhsky updated the list of yards where fenced parking lots will be demolished

In Volzhsky, on the eve of December 22, by another resolution signed by acting. the mayor of the city established an additional list of addresses, where they will forcibly get rid of illegal parking barriers.

According to the new document, the city’s life support committee will remove illegal structures at three more addresses: a blocker on Pushkin Street, 31a, two posts and a cable on Molodyozhnaya Street, 28, and posts and cables on Tchaikovsky Street, 2.

The resolution, signed by the acting head of the city Ruslan Nikitin, was published on the website of the administration.

Recall that earlier the Committee for Improvement and Road Facilities was instructed to remove 5 blockers near house No. 131, a cable near house No. 133 and a blocker near house No. 38. After dismantling, the structures will be transported to storage.

Also, the townspeople complained that equipped parking areas appeared in the yards along Koroleva Street. Everything would be fine, but the parking lots are closed with chains. Residents believe that these actions are illegal.

Oleg Yevseev


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