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The Massachusetts primary election was held on Tuesday, with several important Bay State offices up for grabs in 2022. Tuesday’s primary was held to decide who will be on the ballot in the November general election, as voters choose who they want as their next governor, as well as other high-ranking offices.

The polls were closed at 8 pm, while election day passed without incident.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has opted not to run for re-election as his second term in office ends. Republican candidate Geoff Diehl, openly supported by Trump, won the Republican gubernatorial nomination, while Maura Healey was declared the winner of the contest Democrat after having no opponent, as Sonia Chang-Díaz withdrew from the race in recent months, but her name still appears on the ballot.



lieutenant governor

Suffolk District Attorney

Secretary of state

Fiscal General

To see all the results of the contests click here

So far the primary elections in Massachusetts are proceeding normally.

Who is on my ballot?

On this year’s ballot, there are five major contested state races to watch for: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Auditor. Here is who is on the ballot in each of the primaries for those five races.

Republican Primary

  • Governor
  • lieutenant governor
  • Fiscal General
  • Secretary of state
  • Auditor

Democratic Primary

  • Governor Maura Healey
  • lieutenant governor
    • Kimberley Driscoll
    • Tami Gouveia
    • Eric Lesser
  • Fiscal General
    • Andrea Campell
    • Shannon Liss-Riordan
    • Quentin Palfrey
  • Secretary of state
    • William Galvin
    • Tanisha Sullivan
  • Auditor
    • Christopher Dempsey
    • Diana Dizoglio

What about the ballot questions?

Ballot questions, issues on which residents have a say across the state, are voted on in the November general election, not the primary.

How do I report a concern?

The state says voters with concerns about how their ballot was counted or other issues in the voting process can contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Elections Division at 1-800-462-VOTE (8683).

Despite the inclement weather, residents have gone to the polls to vote in the Massachusetts primary.

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