Voyageurs, one of the best parks to see the stars in Minnesota

Among its multiple attractions and natural beauties what protects U.S, are some of the best places in the world to look at the stars in its maximum splendor and perhaps the occasional aurora borealis.

Its about Parque Nacional Travelers from Minnesota just been named International Dark Sky Park by International Dark Sky Association (IDA for its acronym in English).

The park is located south of the border with CanadaIts more than 218 thousand acres of land is dominated by water, so a boat or kayak is necessary to explore it.

He received this assignment together with Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona due to its efforts to prevent light pollution and its preservation of dark skies within the United States.

According to the specifications of IDA, a park can be classified as ideal for observing the Milky Way for boasting of “an exceptional or distinguished quality of night sky, view of the stars and night atmosphere.”

Throughout the world there are more than 80 places recognized by the association. The United States shines on the international list with parks Glacier in Montana, the Grand Canyon and now with Travelers.

Last year Minnesota attracted attention for its night views in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness being named Dark Sky Shrine for offering landscapes where the Milky Way “fills the sky” and for being a “river of stars”.

Voyageurs National Park, a unique destination in the US

The park is popular in the country for its network of pristine lakes which attracts water sports enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, kayaking and canoeing during the warm seasons of the year, while in winter attracts lovers of skating, skiing and snowmobiling.

Visitors usually stay inside the park at the more than 270 sites of camping on the water, either in boats, houseboats and day-use sites located throughout the park.

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The website of the National Park Service offers facilities and advice to secure accommodation in the place in a safe and affordable way. In general, camping areas have basic services of fires, tables, toilets and drinking water.

In case visitors want a more conventional experience, there are rooms for rent and hotel complexes near the park, in the city of International Falls, which can be reached by water taxis, hydrofoils and tourist boats.

The main attraction of the park is the night activities. In summer programs such as the Night Explorer that invite guests, including children, to appreciate the stars and the moon with telescopes and in guided night walks throughout its aquatic network and completely uninhabited and free of land areas Light pollution.

Access prices

Tickets to the Voyageurs park are free, although transportation costs in water vehicles and lodging need to be covered.

96 percent of these rates They are intended for the protection and financing of park projects.

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