VTZ and representatives of the RFU held a friendly match

The Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) organized a visit of ambassadors of the Russian Football Union (RFU) to the Volgograd Region. The stars of the Russian team visited, among other things, the Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ), which is part of TMK.

The RFU delegation included Russian football legends Andrey Arshavin, Dmitry Alenichev, Yegor Titov, Andrey Tikhonov, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Vladimir Bystrov and Elena Terekhova.

The guests visited VTZ workshops, where they were shown the technology for producing different types of pipes, told about the production environment and immersed themselves in the production process.

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov and Elena Terekhova even changed their profession for a while. Having visited the environmental service of the plant, they tried themselves as chemical analysis laboratory assistants.

Athletes also planted paulownia seedlings with enthusiasm, and now an alley of football players has appeared on the territory of the VTZ.

A meeting with factory workers was held in the largest subdivision of VTZ, the electric pipe welding shop. The guests answered the questions of metallurgists, held photo and autograph sessions. The authors of the most interesting, in the opinion of the players themselves, questions were awarded an invaluable prize, from the point of view of the fans – a T-shirt autographed by football stars.

The visit ended with a friendly match, in the main time of the game the teams played a “draw” – 5:5, but the team of Russian football stars won on penalties. Famous sportsmen also played with pupils of the Volgograd region football clubs and held a master class “TMK Football Lesson”.

– Metallurgists traditionally pay great attention to sports, football in particular. This is one of our favorite sports. Last year, the football team of VTZ Volga won the main prize of the futsal tournament at the international forum TMK Horizons. We are united by teamwork. In the production process, as in the game, only by acting together can high results be achieved, – said VTZ Managing Director Sergey Chetverikov.

– A visit to the Volgograd region left an indelible impression. We were amazed by the scale of production and its manufacturability. But most of all, as always, we will remember the warm welcome of the workers, their genuine interest and love for football, which unites us. Also, as part of the RFU’s Football at School project, we held the TMK – Football Lesson for students from Volga schools. I hope that we managed to captivate children with football, and many of them will continue to do it either at school or in football clubs, – said Dmitry Alenichev.

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Sports support is one of the most important components of VTZ social policy. The enterprise makes a significant contribution to the development of physical culture and mass sports in Volzhsky. For example, every year, thanks to VTZ’s assistance, sports equipment is donated to the city’s children’s institutions, and plant employees regularly take part in regional sports competitions.

Recall that the events were held as part of the TMK. Football Lesson”, which is part of the large-scale project “Football at School”. In 2019, RFU and TMK entered into a cooperation agreement, according to which the company acts as a partner in RFU development programs.

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