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From one day to the next, Maxi López entered the history of world football. Yes, dear reader or dear reader. That phrase is real. On Tuesday morning, the former striker confirmed that he is the new owner of the Birmingham City club from England. In other words, an Argentine will take charge of a sports institution in the United Kingdom for the first time.

According to sources close to the former soccer player, after months of negotiations, López closed a purchase agreement and published the good news on his social networks. In these images he can be seen as he walks on the grass of St. Andrew’s Stadium and added the phrase: “At Home”.

In this way, the forward from River Plate made the official announcement about his brand new acquisition, which had already gained strength in the form of rumors among sports journalists. In an interview with British television, López stated: “It is a very happy day for us and for the fans of the club.”

Immediately, when asked where the money for the purchase had come from, Maxi was surprised by the question and said: “It’s our money, I’ve been working for this for almost a year, I think it’s a great project.”

And he completed about the team that plays in the Football League Championship (second division of England): “We believe that we can do a great job in the city, for our fans and for the team. We’ve been working on this for over a year.”

As detailed by Wanda Nara’s ex, he is part of a business group and they were able to finalize the purchase after a tough bid. López’s company is made up of the owner of the fashion brand Hera, Paul Richardson, and the businessman Christian Codoma.

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Before the arrival of the Argentine, Laurence Bassini, former president of Watford Football Club, was going to buy the Blues but was unable to complete the transaction. Ultimately, Maxi and his partners bought the team from Birmingham Sport Holdings (BSHL), whose majority shareholder was Chinese businessman Paul Suen.

Apparently, the total purchase would have been for 50 million dollars. At the beginning of the negotiations, Suen wanted to keep a percentage of the club’s shares and was selling a part for 37 million dollars. Finally, he got rid of all of his shares and will no longer be linked to Birmingham.

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The company Maxco Capital, owned by López and Christian Codoma published the details of the purchase on its website. For those who don’t know about football, Birmingham is a traditional English club, they won two League Cups (1963 and 2011) and took a place in the Premier League. Until he relegated and now he is in the Championship with only 11 wins in 45 games.

After the tremendous investment, Wanda, who experienced harsh legal conflicts with the father of her three children and signed peace after the division of assets a few months ago, told her relatives, while resting in Ibiza: “It was always good for business ”. If she says so, who became Mauro Icardi’s manager and managed to build several companies, she must be right.

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