Wanted by them … Christmas tree – City newspaper

During these New Year and Christmas holidays, the American police managed to combine business with pleasure.

In the state of Alabama, the sheriff’s office was decorated with a Christmas tree … no, not with bunnies and cats, white and fluffy, and not with glass balls with “rain”, but with photographs of criminals and suspects – the image of a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree was published by the police on Facebook and … negative comments. It is reported by “LIGA.Novosti” with reference to “VVS”.
Human rights organizations called the post of Alabama law enforcement officers “pathetic”. The sheriff’s press service tried to justify itself, saying that it depicts criminals who are repeat offenders.
The post collected about 8 thousand comments. Some of them were complimentary. But many people called this act “humiliating and cruel,” so the post was eventually removed.
“They need the help and care of society, not open contempt,” the American Civil Liberties Union in Alabama condemned the actions of law enforcement officers.
Maybe “help and care” is needed there, but by our standards “a thief should be in prison. And people do not care in what way I hide him there. ” Learned? This was said by Gleb Zheglov. No, help and care for those who have stumbled are also required in our country. But the Alabama Christmas tree “is looking for” not them, but repeat offenders. That is, criminals who have committed an unlawful act more than once. Which may well descend upon the houses of respectable Alabamians from the same civil liberties union exactly when they cut a Christmas turkey.
Elena Kurasa.

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