Warning is issued for rough seas and risk of being dragged by currents on the Salvadoran coast

Aerial view of the coast of La Paz

Those who visit the beaches must be alert to dangerous conditions that can put their lives at risk due to a period of choppy seas and the increase in return currents, for which the Civil Protection authorities issued a warning this Saturday.

“The dominant high pressure systems in the northern hemisphere will be generating very strong winds for this weekend and the first days of the following. These conditions of oceanographic currents will generate a choppy sea offshore and strong return currents, mainly during low tide,” say the authorities to explain the risks this weekend.

They also anticipate that “as of Monday of next week, it is expected that a low pressure system to the southwest of Alaska will allow the approach of a ground swell”, which would increase the waves.

“Average waves of no more than 1.5 meters and permanent return currents are forecast in the coastal sector, and in deep waters due to accelerated winds from the east and northeast with speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour.”

Civil protection

Given these conditions, the authorities ask tourists to abide by the recommendations of the Civil Protection authorities and attend to the instructions of the personnel of the Lifeguard Unit.

They also call to avoid entering the sea while drunk.

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