Was the discussion between Isabel Gemio and María Teresa Campos planned?

The pink chronicle of It’s Federico’s morning He has counted on Isabel González, Alaska and Daniel Carande to discuss all current social issues. Including the discussion between Isabel Gemio and Maria Teresa Campos after an interview for YouTube, which according to some other professionals in the medium such as Mayra Gómez Kemp or Agustín Bravo, could be agreed between them.

Nothing could be further from the truth, at least according to Alaska, who does not believe that the two journalists have engaged in such a controversy in a planned way. “I do not believe it either. María Teresa, for better or for worse, has never been able to control“, Federico Jiménez Losantos also opined in esRadio. “Maria Teresa does not have patience for a montage and there is a point of edge aggressiveness that is not clean,” he said.

“Mayra’s argument is good,” said Alaska, however, to emphasize that the opinion of the former presenter of the One two Three follow a logic. “Because, in short, it would be that these two monsters of information have ended up on YouTube, which is a data that is to be analyzed. And it has been good for both, is Mayra’s argument. I think it is not like that, everyone who has been with Teresa knows that the ‘pig’ thing says it colloquially and says it as a joke but he means it. And everyone who has seen Gemio’s interview knows that he has that shape, if the character is less sympathetic, he throws those taunts. You only need to do a newspaper library. “


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