Waymo with almost 700 robotic cars in California

In California, many self-driving car manufacturers are testing their vehicles. One of them is Google’s sister company Waymo. She registered significantly more cars in 2021.

The logo of Google sister company Waymo on the window of a driverless car. Waymo has greatly increased the number of its self-driving cars in California in 2021. Photo: Eric Risberg/AP/dpa (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Eric Risberg/AP/dpa)

San Francisco – Google sister company Waymo has increased the number of its self-driving cars in California in the past year.

A total of 693 Waymo autonomous vehicles were registered on public roads by the end of November, according to figures from the California Department of Transportation. In the previous twelve months, there were around 240.

General Motors subsidiary Cruise, which is just starting a robotaxi service without safety drivers in San Francisco, had 138 self-driving cars last year. Waymo has also been expecting a robotaxi service in its home state for some time. The company is currently expanding its fleet with converted Jaguar electric cars in addition to Chrysler’s original minivans. As a result, some of the newly registered Waymo cars drove little or not at all until the end of November. Waymo has been testing its first robotaxi service in Arizona for several years.

California is a hotbed for on-road testing of self-driving cars — and requires companies to release information on mileage, software shutdowns, and accidents. The fresh stats show that Waymo and Cruise covered the most miles by far. At the same time, the number of companies that have permission for autonomous driving fell from around 60 to 50. Only 22 of them were actually on the road. During the pandemic, test operations were temporarily significantly restricted for all developers.

Cruise cars covered a good 10,000 kilometers last year without a safety driver at the wheel. Waymo also has a permit for this, but according to the information has not yet redeemed it in California.

Apple last year had a fleet of 38 self-driving test cars that covered a total of 13,000 miles. There has long been speculation about the iPhone group’s plans for its own car. Thanks to California’s reporting requirements, the only thing that is definitely known is that Apple is working on software for autonomous driving.

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