“We already have 214 out of 217 votes in favor.” Trump’s impeachment is very close

The officials of the Democratic Party They already have 214 of the 217 signatures required in the impeachment resolution, which means that the formal impeachment procedure is very close. Voting on this issue will be held at the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The biggest problem may be gaining the lead in the Senate, But more and more Republicans are hesitant to continue defending the outgoing president.

On Monday, January 11, Democrats officially presented a resolution in the House of Representatives on impeachment of Donald Trump (indictment of crimes that, according to the legislature, justifies the impeachment of the president) – they referred to the 14th amendment of the US constitution, which prohibits people involved in rebellion or insurrection.

against the United States charge. The document accused Trump of “inciting an uprising”; In this context, the disturbances in the Capitol, that killed five people, and Trump’s repeated claims that the elections had been rigged before them.

Trump’s impeachment: Democrats are already stepping in, vote this week

The resolution tabled by Democrats is the first step toward impeachment. The vote on the matter in the lower house of Congress is scheduled for this week; said the House of Representatives, it is likely to take place on Wednesday. If the Democrats vote, Donald Trump will be formally charged. It almost certainly will, because the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives; therefore, the beginning of the impeachment proceedings is very close.

Yes 214 of the 222 representatives of the Democratic Party have signed the impeachment resolution; 217 of them are necessary for most.

– The numbers are on our side. It is very important that the president be removed immediately. As long as he remains in office, he is a serious threat, David Ciciline of the Democratic Party was quoted as saying by CNN.

“We have 214 votes in favor, there is no doubt about that, “he added, noting that he also had the republican support during voting.

To remove the Trump of office before the end of his term, a supposed supermajority, that is, a two-thirds advantage, in the upper house, the Senate (There must be 67 people out of 100, each state has two seats).

There, the majority of Republicans have a majority until the new Georgia senators are sworn in, but it is still unknown how many of them will support the outgoing president. According to CNN, there are more voices aside that some Republican Party representatives no longer want to protect Trump from impeachment in any way. Some of them, Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Mitt Romney of UtahFor example, they have already declared that they have had enough of Trump. – I can no longer be silent. I want you to go, said, in turn, another representative of the Republican Party, Lisa Murkowski de Alaska.

Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial

For the first time, Donald Trump He was charged in December 2019: He was charged with two articles, of abuse of power and “coercing a foreign state to act in the private interest of the president.”

At the time, it was about the scandal related to Trump’s actions to persuade the President of Ukraine to cooperate in defaming Joe Biden. In the end, the Democrats could not impeach him. The United States Senate acquitted Trump – In the first article of impeachment, 48 senators voted in favor and 52 against, and in the second – 47 in favor and 53 against.

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