“We are ready to make high-quality Russian voice acting for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood for free”, reports Finargot – Dota 2

Streamer Dmitry “Finargot” Plyusnin announced his desire to create Russian voice acting for the anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood from Netflix.

Finargot created a Reddit thread to get approval from Valve and Netflix. The streamer revealed that he wants to work on the anime with Alexander “Jam” Korotkov from RuHub and other professional voice actors. Also, according to Plyusnin, they are ready to dub the series for free.

“The main purpose of this post is to get attention. We are ready to make high-quality voice acting for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. We have professional actors, studio and so on. We are not looking for money – we want to give our voices and love to the anime series based on our favorite game.

What is the difference between us and some professional studio? I will answer:

We adore Dota and know everything about heroes, items and lore. There will not be any pre-cut slang translations.

Since there are only 8 episodes, and there is still a month before the release of the series, we will be able to finish the work in two days.

I am sure that there are many fans who would rather watch anime with our voice acting than in the original (unfortunately, many viewers use pirate sites and torrents). This is how Netflix can attract more viewers -> get more subscribers.

We are close to the community and will do work with love to share with our viewers. Yes, Reddit is not the best place to talk about this, but if I write to Netflix, it will take a long time to get an answer. If this post grabs the attention of Valve, they themselves can contact Netflix and report us, “- said Finargot.

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The first episode of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will be released on March 25th. Anime will not receive official Russian voice acting, only Russian subtitles will be available. Earlier, Jam said that “he is ready to work for food, if only the Dota anime was dubbed for Russian-speaking fans.”

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