“We discuss many names”: Boldt would like to see these types of players at HSV

His smartphone glows. Jonas Boldt is under a lot of pressure in Andalusia, the HSV sports director has to find a new central defender by the end of January at the latest. After the failures of Mario Vuskovic (doping) and Jonas David (torn muscle fiber), Sebastian Schonlau is the only remaining established central defender. Boldt makes it clear: “It’s about having someone who helps us in the second half of the season. We are working hard on that.”

Not an easy task. “The market is difficult,” says Boldt, who is putting out feelers in all directions. In Turkey, Francisco Montero (23 / Besiktas) is considered a hot HSV candidate for a loan deal, and rumors are also spreading. Boldt does not want to be disturbed by this. “We are discussing many names,” he states, and if necessary, he only looks at a six-month loan: “A player who increases the probability of being able to help us in the next six months would be enough for me.”

HSV boss Boldt is primarily looking for a central defender

They are looking for a central defender who, ideally, could also step in as a backup for Miro Muheim at the left back. There is no alternative since Tim Leibold (moves to Kansas City) terminated his contract. “I don’t know if that will work, but it would be a great solution,” says Boldt. “If Miro fails, it will be more difficult.”


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The crucial questions: Who is actually available? And who can HSV pay? The financial means “do not reach to the sky”, admits Boldt. The numerous calls from consultants from all over the world that are currently being received by the HSV boss are all the more important. This is how he finds out which players could still open doors in the next week or two. In addition, Andalusia turns out to be a first-class contact farm. Almost a dozen German first and second division clubs are on site, as well as many consultants. The distances are short.

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It is also possible that Boldt or Claus Costa (will soon be promoted from scouting manager to the new sports boss of the professionals) leave Sotogrande at short notice to conduct negotiations. The duo is aware that HSV will also have to accept compromises in the search. “It’s clear that the quality of football plays a role,” says Boldt, referring to the demands of coach Tim Walter, who has no use for pure destroyers on the defensive. “But in the end you can’t bake one yourself. The question is which compromises are you most likely to make. Language is certainly one of those issues.” German is not a requirement, “I think you can get by somehow with English”. The search continues, the smartphone glows. Because the next call could solve the problem.

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