We won’t see Daft Punk again in London

The duo formed by the French Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, announced their separation on Monday. Back to the link that united the two helmeted musicians with the United Kingdom.

The two French made the whole planet dance with their titles Around The World, Something About Us, Technologic, One More Time, or more recently Get Lucky undertaken with Pharrell Williams. Emerging from their triangular vessel behind a cage of luminous triangles, the almost anonymous duo leaves behind a flawless career, spectacular live performances, and unparalleled singularity. The 1951 film that created Thomas Bangalter’s helmet, The day the earth stood still, aptly named. As the duo announce their separation, the Earth seems to have stopped spinning for 7mn58. Duration of their video “Epilogue”.

Daft Punk : Harder, Better, Faster, Over…

Soberly titled Epilogue, a video appears on the Youtube account of Daft Punk in which the duo covers an excerpt from their film Electroma. The chosen scene shows the two helmeted musicians in the middle of the desert moving away to the sound of a “beep” announcing the explosion which will make one of them explode in the following seconds. The other then continues on his way, alone, towards a setting sun.

The announcement of a separation was confirmed by their collaborator Kathryn Frazier on his Instagram account, where she does not give more details as to the ins and outs of this decision. On the other hand, she recalls the mythical moments spent alongside the two musicians, and concludes her farewell to a page of history by saluting the absolute genius of the duo of Frenchies “Thomas and Guy-Man are high-flying creators, thinkers, and sensitive people. There is, and there never will be, a band like Daft Punk.

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The sentence falls and has the effect of a bomb on a global scale, illustrated by the premonitory announcement video. A sad moment for the world of electronic music, which, struck by tinnitus, bitterly renounces the hope of one day seeing the brilliant robots again live.

Daft Punk and the UK, a love of youth

The French robot duo have a full-fledged relationship with the UK, as evidenced by their album live “Alive 1997”, registered at the Que club in Birmingham in November. As they embark on their first concert tour, The Daftendirekt tour, the two musicians decide to immortalize it at the mythical English club, considering that this date was the most memorable of all.

Even before the year 97, Daft Punk was already setting the UK on fire. Mixmag magazine found a collection of photographs over 20 years old”Listing“several pictures taken during the first live tour by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in action at the Heavenly Social, London After Midnight and Tribal Gathering in 1995 and 1996

At the beginning of their career, Daft Punk particularly scoured clubs and festivals in the United Kingdom with, among others, the Glastonbury festival in summer 1997 where they played alongside Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Placebo …

But the list of appearances of the duo on the island is still long: in 2001, they join the British group Gorillaz for a mythical concert at the Fabric in London. In 2006, it was at the huge Global Gathering festival that they distinguished themselves alongside Fatboy Slim, Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, and found there the high French electro sphere represented then by Air and David Guetta. They make the Scots dance a year later at the Rockness festival still with their pyramid of strobe triangles. That same year, in 2007, it was in Hyde Park that the Daft Punk culminated at the O2 Wireless Festival, leaving an unforgettable memory for the lucky ones present that day, witnesses of one of the most thunderous concerts given by the duo in the kingdom of his majesty.

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Beyond touring UK clubs and festivals, Daft Punk owes UK up to their name. Indeed, before being Daft Punk, the duo had a Beach Boys inspired rock band called Darlin ‘. They counted among them Laurent Brancowitz, who later became the guitarist of the group Phoenix. The group’s outings had gone unnoticed at the time, to say the least. But the British musical weekly New Musical Express once gave them a column that called their music “punk idiot”, Or“ daft punk ”in English. The rest is history.

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