‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’, new single from Ylyne

Available from January 15th

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It’s a special song with which Ylyne, the electronic incarnation of the whimsical musician Frank Martino, today announces the release of his new album Odd Dance Music, scheduled for April 16 on the Auand Beats label: ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ it is in fact a reinterpretation of the famous piece of Metallica, one of the single taken from ‘Master of Puppets‘.

On the song, Ylyne collaborated with Luca Scaggiante for the vocal parts, which in their textual element are actually the main anchor point between the original song and the new look that Frank Martino gave her.

Drums, bass and distorted guitars of thrash metal are here in fact distilled and reinvented with drum machines, loops and electronic sounds, which detach the song from the concept of a simple cover, making it a radical and original rework, almost a piece in its own right that takes its cue from a pre-existing piece. A song that, by title and themes, however, fits perfectly in the atmosphere of the year just ended, also acting as an ideal closing.

Although it is overall the least intricate track of the disc, given its reworking nature, too ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ fits into the vein of “odd dance music”, which is yes the title of the album but which can also indicate the genre that Ylyne proposes with his recent musical experiments: the one that has been ironically renamed with the acronym ODM, to indicate a genre that starts from the base of sounds of dance, trap and glitch music, blended with crooked harmonies and odd tempos to form a sound “odd“.

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Graduated with full marks in jazz music at the G. Frescobaldi Conservatory in Ferrara, Frank Martino (Messina, 1983) is a guitarist, composer and producer. During his student years he became passionate about the contamination between jazz and electronic music, starting to combine the guitar with other instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines and samplers. In the last ten years he has brought this approach into several projects, recording for various Italian jazz labels: Auand, Cam Jazz, Nusica.org, Improvvisatore involontario, Catsound.

In 2016 he produced his first solo album for Auand Records ‘Revert’, defined by Paolo Fresu as

the work of an all-round artist who hears music with the curious eyes of those who grasp it in today’s contemporary world made up of impulses and digital, dialogue, communication and improvisation.

In 2018 the second solo album is released, ‘Level 2 Chaotic Swing’, about which Enrico Bettinello states:

Martino takes a classic ensemble of electric jazz, the classic “organ trio” – that of a Wes Montgomery or a Grant Green so to speak – and literally throws it into the chaos of the twenty-first century.

For the third album, ‘Ego Boost’, welcomes saxophonist Massimiliano Milesi who joins Claudio Vignali, keyboards, and Niccolò Romanin, drums, in his project ‘Disorgan’, defined in the cover notes of Enrico Terragnoli as

a clear example of collective creation.

He is producer of the electronic music project ‘Ylyne’ with which he released three albums, the last of which, 26, released in 2017, inaugurating the electronic section of the Apulian label Auand Beats.

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